Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - TWIN QAM Televes 5630

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digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - TWIN QAM. Ref: 5630 of Televes.

The team DVBS2 QAM transmodulators Twin consists of two modules share the same chassis, refered to as modules A and B. Each of the modules receives at its input a transponder Satellite (in any of the formats defined in the standard modulation D.


This digital transmodulator has two Multiplex QAM (DVB-C) from a transponder services disponibeles TV SAT or two transponders in the same band and polarization. Transmodulator A and B each module has its own up-converter, allowing the team DVBS2-QAM Twin locate the two output channels completely independently, achieving more efficient use of bandwidth distribution. One of the applications of the team is the division of a transponder entry into DVBS2 format (whose direct modulation normally exceed the maximum allowed width band commonly used in pipes) into two QAM output channels, while maintaining all services of the transponder. The two input transponders are to be found in the same band and polarity as the entrance to both modules A and B is shared. Through universal programmer (ref. 7234) programming the operating parameters of the two transmuladores modules consisting DVBS2-QAM team Twin (frequency input and output and modulation formats mainly) is performed.

  • The DVB-S2-QAM Twin has input and output connectors FI "F" to authorize higher input signal to feed multiple modules and allows a converter for signal input (13/17 V).
  • In case of short the LED on the front flashes, ceasing
  • The disappearance of the short voltage being restored and 13 / 17V in the connector. Besides color LED indicates the status of the unit:
  • - Green: correct operation of both modules
  • A and B.
  • - Orange: correct operation with C / N input low in any of the modules
  • A or B.
  • - Red: malfunction of any of the modules A and / or B.
  • Also it has an input and RF output in order to mix the channels for subsequent amplification.
  • Null packets inserted, which quickly scans the receiver (STB).
  • Adapts the transport packet to the requirements of DVB-C transmission.
More Information
EAN 8424450155028
System CATV
Color Black
Type Transmodulator
Input signal DVB-S2
Output signal QAM
Model / Family T0X
# Inputs 2
Outputs 2
Output mux 2
Common interface No
Product Brand Televes
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