Televes 90V Surge Arrester

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Atmospheric Discharge Protector 90V Televes 4947

The surge arrester is the element that prevents electrical discharges from storms from getting into the installation and reaching the installed elements, for example, mast amplifier, power supplies, broadband control panels, programmable control panels or single-channel headends.

If a lightning strike from the electrical storm hits the antenna, it will cause a voltage surge in the system that will damage all the equipment in the installation. This in case of a community of neighbors, will suppose an important expense of money in repairs to return to enjoy the television services.

The arrester absorbs electricity and drifts it to ground. It is an element for life and an essential for areas with regular storms.

This element needs to be protected from the elements with a 4163 Televes box and at the same time connected to the installation's ground.

Televes surge arrester up to 90V, for TV installation.

To be inserted in the coaxial cable, just after the antenna, in order to redirect to ground any lightning strikes that could damage the antenna.

What technical specifications does the Televes 4947 surge arrester have?

 Frequency margin Mhz 0-3000
 Insertion losses dB 0.1
 Discharge voltage V 90
 Max. peak power (PEP) W (Вт) 200
 Max. discharge corrent kA 10
 Nominal current A 10
 Impedance Ohm 75
 Operating temperature ºC -40 ... 80

More Information
EAN 8424450120910
System DTT
SERIE F-connector
Color Black
Entorno Interior
Input signal DAB, FI, FM, UHF, VHF
LTE compatible No
Product Brand Televes
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