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Antenna TDT-UHF Nano HDTN-694V LTE 5G Ikusi

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UHF Nano HDTN-694V antenna from Ikusi 1825

Small antenna designed for receiving TV signals in the UHF band with an average gain of 12dB. It is formed by a reflector in the form of a dihedral composed of 4 aluminum tubes and a compact dipole. Valid for horizontal and vertical polarization.

The Ikusi 1825 reference antenna integrates a 5G LTE filter with rejection on channel 48 to eliminate interference from the 2nd Digital Dividend. It works in the frequency range of channels 21 to 48 (470-694 MHz).

Its assembly is really simple and does not require tools, a threaded male connector and a rubber protector are supplied next to the antenna. This antenna can be fixed on masts of Ø 25 to 50 mm.

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DTT-UHF Nano antenna for channel 21 to 48 (2nd Dividend) of Ikusi.

What are the main features of the Ikusi UHF HDTN-694V antenna?

  • Valid for vertical and horizontal polarization allowing varying the elevation angle.
  • Supplied with 1 threaded male connector and a rubber protective cap.
  • Fixing to masts of Ø 25 to 50 mm.
  • Reduced size antenna
  • Adapted to the 2nd Dividend
  • Rejection of channel 48
  • Easy to install on wall, caravans, etc.
  • 12dB average gain
  • Assembly without tools

What technical specifications does the Ikusi HDTN-694V 1825 UHF antenna have?

  • REF. 1825
  • Channels: 21 - 48 (470-694 MHz)
  • Nominal gain: 12 dB
  • D / A ratio: ≥ 16 dB
  • Opening angle: 60º H / 80º V
  • Wind load:
    • 130 Km / h: 18 N
    • 150 Km / h: 23 N
  • Length: 50cm
  • Green color
More Information
EAN 8435136418252
Type DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain Medium
Dipole Passive
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required No
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