Loads of 75 ohm coaxial cable for television

75 Ohm Load for Circuit Close

This kind of load is utilizated in conexions where the distribution of television signal has some outs without cable. This is an element very important for not to have interferences and give us a bad signal.

The principal different is that we can find with condenser or without.

The loads with condenser are utilizate for actives elements in our isntallation. Such as Amplifiers.

The loads without condenser are more common, this is connecting to passive device in the installation, which are not connecting to the red, such as splitters, PAU, mixer, etc..

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Load 'F' 75 Ohm

Ref.: CARF75
€0.19 Tax included

75 ohm load for distributors with flange type connection

€0.27 Tax included

Anti-theft load 75 Ohm LT-R75ST

Ref.: COM45LTR75
€0.30 Tax included

75 Ohm loads for connection F.

Ref.: TEL4058
€0.70 Tax included

For saddle&clamp DC blocked

Ref.: TEL4087
€1.78 Tax included

Load 75 Ohm for Connection F with Condenser.

Ref.: TEL4061
€2.70 Tax included

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