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New Ellipse UHF antenna by Televes

Ellipse UHF 148901 Televes Antenna + Power Supply 38 dB

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Quick Overview

Ellipse antenna for the 1st digital dividend

The Ellipse DTT antenna is an intelligent antenna that adapts automatically and in real time to your reception conditions.

It has been designed for a stable reception and quality of UHF (DTT), optimizing the rejection to the LTE band up to channel 59 with a SAW filter of great selectivity.

A new concept of antenna that eliminates any interference even in the limit of the TV band merging in to 100% stainless mechanics, to breakthrough design and the new generation of TForce with SAW filter.

Includes power supply.


The Ellipse antenna is an antenna that receives correctly in multiple locations, even if the signal is very strong, or reaches the very weakened antenna

What technical characteristics does the Ellipse antenna have?

  • Able to adapt to changes in reception conditions: it is continuously checking the signal and adjusting its gain to always give the best possible output level
  • Eliminates any interference, even in the limit of the TV band: thanks to its SAW filter (Surface Acoustic Wave) which is characterized by its high selectivity, interference is filtered, mainly from LTE telephony, respecting the last channel of the band
  • Mechanics completely immune to corrosion: aluminum and fiberglass structure, stainless steel fasteners and ZAMAK jaw reinforced with anti-corrosive treatment
  • Innovative aerodynamic design: its inimitable and meticulously meticulous aesthetic line, is the sample of the passion for details
  • Optimized reception: the concave surface of the curved reflectors concentrates the received signal in the dipole. The convex surface maximizes the shielding of the dipole, increasing the rejection against interference
  • Assembly experience: assembly of the antenna in less than 30 seconds and the entire installation is done without tools
  • Robust and permanent anchoring that prevents maladjustments over time
  • Very light and compact: it facilitates installation in complicated places and offers less wind resistance
  • High dynamic range: allows to receive a quality signal in a wide range of situations, raising very weak signals and avoiding saturation with high levels of reception
  • Optimal C / N: the quality of the signal is respected to the maximum thanks to a figure of very low noise.
  • Ideal gain: intelligence automatically regulates the gain at the right level
  • Special dipole in double "U": its open / closed format provides optimal flatness in its frequency response
  • Fully shielded junction box that protects the BOSS system from impulse noise, and connected to ground for total protection against electric shock
  • Low consumption in intelligent mode
  • Manufacture in Europe: made in a new line of automated manufacturing, assembled to guarantee the quality of the product through specific controls and manufacturing tests
  • Includes power supply to activate intelligence

What technical specifications does the Ellipse antenna have?

  • Working band MHz 470 - 798 (CH.21 - CH.59)
  • BOSS Intelligent mode (BOSS ON)
  • DBi Gain 38 ± 2
  • Output level Auto
  • Noise figure dB 2.5 (typ)
  • Usage signal level (recommended) dBμV <75
  • Supply voltage V 12-24
  • Consumption mA 40 (max)
  • Beam width 30
  • D / A ratio dB> 20
  • Load to the wind N 96 (@ 130 Km / h)
  • 132 (@ 150 Km / h)
  • Diameter of the mast mm 20 ... 50

Additional Information
EAN 8424450198223
Manufacturer Televes
Type DTT
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Ganancia 38dB
Dipole Active
Electronic Yes
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required Yes, included
Feed Power 24 Vc

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