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Fiber Optic Patch Box 2 outputs SC/APC + 2 fibers 40 Meters Televes

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Fiber Optic UAP 2 SC/APC outputs + 2 fibers 40 Meters Televes 231542

Indicated to be located in the NTR (Network Termination Registry), in the new ICT building works.

This fiber optic user access point works as a connection point in different locations, both for new works, in ICT environments, as well as for UPV facilities (old construction houses), classrooms, connection cabinets.

It has 2 SC/APC connectors and two 40-meter fibers, which means easier assembly due to having the fiber already pre-connected. It also includes 2 heat-shrink covers, 2 flanges and hardware for installation.

24/48 Hours

Fiber Optic UAP  2 outputs SC/APC with 2 Fibers of 40 Meters

What are the main characteristics of the UAP FO Televes 231542?

  • Made of robust ABS plastic
  • With a capacity of up to 4 SC/APC output connectors
  • Multi-anchoring system: DIN rail, wall or outlet
  • ITU-T G657A2 single-mode fibres
  • Identifying label
  • Equipped with 2 "SC/APC" female-to-"SC/APC" female adapters (with self-locking cover)
  • 100% european quality: manufactured by Televes in SpainDca-s2,d2,a2 Euroclass
  • White colour (RAL 9003)
  • 6 inputs, pre-cut on its sides, for FO access
  • Back input for SC connector
  • Back input for FO and SC connector
  • Pre-cut input at the bottom, for access to a distribution frame (SC/APC)
  • Equipped with: 2 heat-shrink sleeves, 2 cable ties, installation screws
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424450251393
System Optic Fiber
Serie 40m
Fiber type Singlemode
Entorno Interior
Color White
Product Brand Televes
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