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Hose adaptation to monochannel T12 Televes

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Adaptation hose for Televes T12 single-channel headers

Adaptation hose 422110 for expansion of existing headers (Alcad, Fagor, Ikusi ...) with Televes T12 single-channel modules. This hose allows you to power Televes T12 equipment with power supplies from other brands, increasing the compatibility of these single channels.

24/48 Hours

Undoubtedly, this adaptation hose saves us the purchase of a new Televes single channel amplifier power supply.

The Televes 422110 adaptation hose can be used in two situations:

  • There may be a T03 or T12 Televes header and power supply and it allows us to install single-channel amplifiers from Alcad, Ikusi or Fagor.
  • We can also use it in headers of the Alcad, Ikusi or Fagor brands to install single channel Televes amplifiers.
24/48 Hours
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EAN 8424450175972
System DTT
Color Black
Type Accessory
Model / Family T12
Common interface No
Product Brand Televes
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