INNOVA 20dB LTE 5G Indoor DTT Antenna (C21-48) OUTLET

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OUTLET: INNOVA BOSS Indoor DTT Antenna with LTE 5G Televes 130220

Indoor DTT-UHF antenna with 20dB of gain and 5G LTE filter to eliminate interference from the 2nd Digital Dividend. This antenna receives from channel 21 to 48 (470-694 MHz).

Televes' well-known BOSS technology automatically regulates the gain when the antenna is being powered, offering always optimal output levels. It is an omnidirectional antenna, so it does not need to be oriented, but it is important that you have direct vision to the closest repeater.

This antenna can be powered in several ways: by connecting it to the 5V USB port of the television or DTT receiver, as well as with a conventional mobile charger. Includes the USB to microUSB cable for it.

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OUTLET: INNOVA BOSS Indoor DTT antenna for Televes with 20dB of gain and 5G LTE filtering

What are the main features of the Televes INNOVA 130220 antenna?

  • High dynamic range: It allows high-quality TV reception in a wide variety of critical situations, from areas where signals are very weak to installations with high reception levels
  • A more stable reception: supports signal variations or fading without any impact on the TV installation
  • Plug & Play: Easy and fast installation
  • Multiple power supply options:
    • Through the 5V USB port of the TV (USB-microUSB cable included)
    • With a conventional USB power supply unit
    • Simply using a receiver (through the RF output connector)
  • Low power consumption in intelligent mode
  • LTE-Ready: equipped with LTE filters to avoid mobile phone signals
  • Two operation modes:
    • In intelligent mode (with antenna feeding), BOSS provides automatic control to correct signal fluctuations and maintain optimal output signal level
    • In passive mode (without power supply), the signal goes through
  • The electronics inside the antenna substantially reduces the interference caused by surrounding movements
  • Thanks to be an omnidirectionial antenna, it can be installed either in horizontal or in vertical position

What technical specifications does the Televes INNOVA 130220 antenna have?

 Frequency bands LTE700 MHz 470 - 694
 Channels No. 21-48
 Gain dBi 20*
 Noise figure dB 3
 Power supply /
USB V/mA 5/60
Coax. 12/60
 Protection index IP 20

More Information
TypeDTT 5G
LTE compatibleYes
Supply requiredYes, included
Feed Power 5 Vc
Product BrandTeleves
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