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Audio impedance meter, meter and insulation resistance tester

  • The audio impedance meter allows testing of home speaker systems, auditoriums and public address systems to estimate the necessary power in an installation for the suitable election of the amplifier.
  • The meters have two types earth with spades or without spades.
  • The insulation tester performs insulation test voltage with a constant charging current of 1 mA, with different scales for strength and insulation resistance.


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  1. Audio impedance meter PE-005
    SKU: PROPE005

    €317.75 Tax included
  2. Digital ground resistance meter with spades PE-335 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE335

    €412.91 Tax included
  3. Digital earth resistance meter stakeless
    SKU: PROPE425

    €423.92 Tax included
  4. Insulation meter PE-455 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE455

    €495.50 Tax included
  5. Professional Resistance Meter Loop
    SKU: PROIC020

    €1,734.23 Tax included
  6. Power network analyzer up to 3000 A IC-090 from Promax
    SKU: PROIC90

    €2,949.38 Tax included

    6 Items

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