Cables for voice and data

Testers and certifiers of data networks and telephony.

These are teams to check the data cables and phone cables. From an economic equipment that can be used to particular level they are like network cable tester, as the very advanced equipment that professionals use for certification of proper operation of the wiring.

Finance your measuring equipment

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Crimping Impact LSA 110

Ref.: DN-94003
€11.81 Tax included

Cable Tester RJ45 and BNC GTLAN 22GTST248

Ref.: 22GTST248
€17.70 Tax included

Tester Advanced ADSL2 / 2 +

Ref.: PROIC125
€2,194.34 Tax included

Link Checker basic telephony.

Ref.: PROIC023
€2,725.22 Tax included

Network Certifier CAT 6 Type F GTLan

Ref.: 22GTCRC6
€2,752.75 Tax included

Network Certifier Category 6 by Ampliantena

Ref.: AMP509
€3,491.33 Tax included

Link Checker ISDN telephony and ADSL 2/2 +

Ref.: PROIC124C
€7,680.17 Tax included

Voice Certifier and data networks Category 6A

Ref.: PROIC019C
€9,190.25 Tax included

Voice and data networks certifier (CAT7)

Ref.: PROIC051C
€11,711.38 Tax included

Network Certifier CAT6A LanTEK III 500MHz

Ref.: 22R161003
€15,316.30 Tax included

Assembly tool type Krone LSA

€10.70 Tax included

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Network cable tester and USB NCT-2

€13.35 Tax included

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12 Item(s)

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