Reversible Door Opener Inverted Operation 12Vdc

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Door opener 300N-512-S Fermax 2967

Reversible Fermax door opener with inverted operation, 12Vdc power supply and 150mA consumption.

Being a reversible door opener, its position can be changed to be installed on doors that open to the right or doors that open to the left.

This door opener works unlike a conventional one, since it is unlocked when it is at rest and is locked when it is powered. This inverted function is commonly used in emergency doors, so that in case of blackout you are unlocked and allow its opening.

Reversible door opener 300N-512-S with inverted operation 12Vdc 150mA.

What technical specifications does the Fermax 2967 opener have?

  • 300 series
  • Type N-512
  • Consumption: 12Vdc 150mA
  • Dimensions: 90 (V) mm x 20 (H) mm x 28 (P) mm
  • Weight: 0.296 kg
More Information
EAN 8424299029672
System DC
SERIE Abrepuertas
Color Silver
Current DC
Functioning Invert
Multivoltage 10 to 24 Vc/Va No
Product Brand Fermax
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