Amplifier Housing DTT CEI 16dB 5s (4+TV) LTE 4G

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VHF/UHF Indoor Housing Amplifier 5 outputs CEI Televes 552940

CEI housing amplifier for DTT (47-790 MHz) with 16dB of gain, with 1 input and 5 outputs (4 + TV). The TV output offers a lower gain (11dB) to connect directly to the TV, without installing a socket. This amplifier has a 4G LTE filter to eliminate telephone interference from the 1st Digital Dividend.

Recommended to install in single-family homes. Compact and discreet design to place in a telecommunications register of the house. The gain can be adjusted manually by lifting the protective cap.

It integrates a high performance power supply: with energy savings of up to 40% compared to a standard amplifier.

Interior Amplifier of Housing type CEI of 16dB, 5 outputs (4 + TV) and LTE 4G filtering.

What are the main characteristics of the Televes 552940 home amplifier?

  • TV output to be connected directly to the TV (without installing a socket)
  • Discreet, understated design
  • High Performance Integrated Switching Source - Low Power Consumption (40% less than a standard amplifier)
  • Fully automated manufacturing and subjected to rigorous quality controls
  • Manual gain control, protected by a flip top
  • Screw on wall
  • "CEI" connectors
  • LTE790/4G Filtering

What technical specifications does the Televes 552940 home amplifier have?

Inputs 5(4+1TV)
Frequency range MHz 47...790
Gain G dB 16
(11 @ TV)
Gain adjustment range marg 15
Max. output level DIN 45004B Vout dBμV >102
IMD3 (2tones, -35dB) Vout 109
Noise level N.F. dB 6
Power supply/Max.
current inputs
ON Vdc/
Mains voltage/frequency V~/Hz 196...253/ 50...60
AC power consumption W/mA 2,3 / 23
Protection index IP 20
Operating temperature range ºC -5 ... +45

More Information
EAN 8424450170625
System DTT
SERIE CEI Connector
Color White
Type Indoor home amplifier
Entorno Interior
# Inputs 1
Outputs 4
Gain 16
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 102
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Terrestrial
Product Brand Televes
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