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Accesories, Turrests and Mast

In this section we will find all the referent in a installation, like the sujection and fixe of antennas. It is depends of the place where do you want to installer will be necessary one or another materials. So the support of the antenna will depend of the situation and the features of our antenna. We must know that the weigh and the high is important to our installation and the material that we need. The parameters that we must know are: bending moment, wind load..also another.

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  1. Cable gland 7mm cable

    €0.24 Tax included
  2. Steel Cable Clamp 1/4 Tecatel
    SKU: TECSC01

    €0.42 Tax included
  3. 37/5000 8x60mm metric screw metal stud
    SKU: TECTCM860

    €0.46 Tax included
  4. TA-M8 Metal stud for anchoring mast cables
    SKU: TVM8

    €0.91 Tax included
  5. Tecatel Ratchet Tensor for Mast Cable
    SKU: TECTCA-01

    €0.93 Tax included
  6. Steel Cable Tensioner 1/4" TCV-23
    SKU: ROV60055

    €1.00 Tax included
  7. Metallic Taco, metric screw 8x80mm for drill 10mm pack of 4 units

    €1.39 Tax included
  8. Angle Corner Protection for Chimney
    SKU: TEL2412

    €1.54 Tax included
  9. Steel Cable Tensioner 5/16" TCV-4
    SKU: ROV60056

    €1.56 Tax included
  10. Mast Clamp Ø 25-45mm Zinc + RPR Televes
    SKU: TEL2047

    €1.77 Tax included
  11. Small flange 8mm 60x100 satellite rover 60004
    SKU: ROV60004

    €1.80 Tax included
  12. Dowel, Lag Screw and Washer Kit (4 units)
    SKU: TDT0012

    €1.85 Tax included
  13. RPR Clamp 35mm diameter.
    SKU: TEL2413

    €1.91 Tax included
  14. Wind Plate + Flange for Mast Ø 40mm
    SKU: ROV60047

    €2.03 Tax included
  15. Flange for securing masts 50mm 60x150 Satellite Rover 60003
    SKU: ROV60003

    €2.09 Tax included
  16. Short Flange for PG32 and PG40 FTE Supports
    SKU: EKMR8

    €2.19 Tax included
  17. Tecatel 1/4 6mm Steel Cable Tensioner
    SKU: TECTC-01

    €2.21 Tax included
  18. Flange for fastening 45mm masts Rover Satellite 50x100 60014
    SKU: ROV60014

    €2.27 Tax included
  19. 280mm flush mounting plate for mast fastening
    SKU: ROV61008

    €3.07 Tax included
  20. Support for square-shaped mast profile 30x4
    SKU: ROV61016

    €3.11 Tax included
  21. Double metal flange Ø50mm 60x150mm
    SKU: ROV60001

    €3.29 Tax included
  22. 25mm bracket in small square for WIFI antenna
    SKU: ROV61083

    €3.32 Tax included
  23. English to European Plug Adapter (White or Black)
    SKU: MERAV/0319

    €3.67 Tax included
  24. Satellite painted support PM 32
    SKU: DAXSU0201

    €3.74 Tax included
  25. 300mm L-shaped claw
    SKU: ROV61019

    €3.78 Tax included
  26. Support for parabolic antenna of 60cm diameter with galvanized tube
    SKU: ROV53033

    €3.78 Tax included
  27. 250mm Recessed Wall "U" Mast Bracket
    SKU: TEL2410

    €3.91 Tax included
  28. "U" Wall Support Ø30mm for 60cm Satellite Dishes
    SKU: ROV53066

    €3.96 Tax included
  29. Screwable Angle Bracket for Ø 35-45mm Mast
    SKU: TEL2409

    €4.07 Tax included
  30. Wall mount ø 30 mm for 60 cm dishes.
    SKU: ROV53034

    €4.67 Tax included
  31. Parabolic Support Daxis PM 40 Painted Wall/Mast
    SKU: DAXSU0220

    €4.90 Tax included
  32. Parabolic Stand 60-80cm PM 32 Silver
    SKU: DAXSU0202

    €5.02 Tax included
  33. Wall Screw Neck Support 'L' 200mm
    SKU: ROV61015

    €5.03 Tax included
  34. Support bracket / wall small WIFI tube 30 mm
    SKU: ROV61085

    €5.11 Tax included
  35. 500mm L-shaped claw
    SKU: ROV61014

    €5.19 Tax included
  36. "L" Wall Support Ø30mm for 60cm Satellite Dishes
    SKU: ROV53065

    €5.01 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 152

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