Monitor LOFT VDS Color 3.5" Fermax 3305

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Monitor LOFT VDS Color 3.5" Fermax 3305

The Fermax 3305 color video door entry monitor is a 3.5" TFT screen monitor with VDS digital system.

Installed in homes, it allows communication with the entrance panel, the opening of the door, and seeing the visitor through the screen that it incorporates.

An integrated design, according to new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional that combines quality and design. Its purity of lines, technology and performance make this equipment an elegant and perfect element for any home.

Made of high-impact ABS plastic, with an easy-to-clean textured finish and ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to light.

Does not include connector. You need the Fermax 3314 connector for its installation.


The Fermax 3305 monitor is a 3.5" color VDS video intercom from the LOFT series

What technical characteristics does the Fermax 3305 Monitor have?

  • 3.5" TFT screen
  • Resolution: 480 (H) x 234 (V) lines
  • The terminal incorporates a magnet in the area of ​​the handset that allows the arm to be well hung and fixed to the base
  • This prevents the arm from falling during its hanging, damaging the wall and also prevents it from causing damage to the installation due to being poorly hung
  • Dimensions: 220x203x60 mm (height-width-depth)
  • Power supply: 18 Vdc
  • Door opener button and call to concierge
  • Auto power button for main and sub camera activation (sequentially)
  • Call volume regulation
  • Regulation of color, brightness and contrast
  • On / off control
  • Doorbell: for direct connection of the house call button to the monitor / telephone
  • Two selectable ringtones.
  • It has 2 buttons for additional functions (without assigned function)
  • Private communication. Conversation secret
  • Consumption:
  • Standby: 8 mA
  • Active: 400 mA

What functions does the Fermax 3305 Monitor offer?

  • VDS system
  • Simplified installation door entry and video door entry system that does not use call wires per dwelling
  • The call is made by transmitting a digital call code generated by the VDS amplifier
  • In new construction, the installation can be carried out with the following type of wiring:
    • UTP CAT5
    • 5 Threads
    • 3 wires + Coaxial (video)
  • It allows managing buildings with up to 199 homes, 2 entrance entrances and a concierge center
  • Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m
  • In replacement, it is possible to change from analog to video door entry phone taking advantage of the existing wiring. The capacity and distance of the system will depend on the installation wiring
  • The VDS amplifier includes a voice synthesizer as standard. When the opener is operated, a message is issued: "door open, close after entering"
  • The residential terminals require a simple programming that is carried out from the entrance panel. Through this programming, each terminal (telephone or monitor) is assigned a calling code
  • Communication is private
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EAN 8424299033051
System VDS
Color White
Color Portero/Videoportero Color
Type Monitor
Product Brand Fermax
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