Optical Splitter SM 4D FC/PC 1310/1550nm Televes

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4-way optical splitter with FC/PC connectors Televes 235901

This optical splitter is used together with an optical LNB to distribute the satellite signal to up to 4 fiber optic receivers. It is for single-mode fiber optics and cables with FC/PC connectors are required. This compact chassis delivery unit is ideal for installations in individual homes or inside secondary registers.

This splitter is usually used to distribute the satellite signal captured by an optical LNB. The advantages of using optical fiber to distribute the satellite signal by optical fiber (instead of coaxial) are many, the main advantage is that it has very low attenuation, this allows us to install the satellite dish hundreds of meters, even kilometers from households.
In addition, the fiber is totally immune to electrical interference, supports greater bandwidth and is a less thick cable; so its installation will be easier, especially for those tubes congested by the wiring of other telecommunications services.

On the other hand, you do not need to make any adaptation to your DTT television network.

4-way FC/PC optical splitter for 1310/1550nm signals.

What technical specifications does the Televes 235901 optical splitter have?

Outputs 4
Connector Type FC/PC
Tipo de fibra single - mode
Coupling Ratio % 4 x 25
Wave Lenght nm 1310/1550
Wave Lenght
nm ± 40
Insertion Loss dB (typ) 7

More Information
EAN 8424450152454
Color Black
System Fibra Óptica
SERIE FO Distribution
Product Brand Televes
FO Distribution FO Splitter
Entorno Interior
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