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Professional Kit for Televes Fiber Optic Fusion

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232105 Televes Kit for Fiber Optic Fusion

Complete Televes kit to perform professional fiber optic fusions:

The kit includes a Televes voltaic arc fuser, with oven, battery indicator, keypad and 4.3" LCD screen to fuse different types of fiber. It integrates a pre-fusion process that eliminates possible impurities in the fiber before to merge it.

It will also have a fiber cutter with removable dustpan (blade for 16,000 cuts) and a precision fiber peeler pre-adjusted to 250 and 900μm.

In addition to all this, in the case we will find: a canister of isopropyl alcohol to clean the fiber, plastic tweezers, a tray to let the fiber protectors cool, a set of spare electrodes (2 units), mains charger and car type lighter, removable lithium battery plus a strap for the case and for the fuser itself.

1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)

Televes Fiber Optic Fusion Kit with Fuser, Fiber Cutter and Precision Peeler.

What does the Televes 232105 fusion kit include?

  • Fibre cleaver with removable pick-up feature (cutting blade specified for 16,000 cuts)
  • Precision fibre stripper (pre-set for 250μm and 900μm)
  • Isopropyl alcohol tank
  • Plastic clamp
  • Mount for fibre protection cooling
  • Set of spare electrodes (2 items)
  • Case and fusion splicer straps
  • Regular and lighter-type chargers with USB connector allowing the recharge of other devices (5V,2A)
  • User-removable lithium battery

What are the main features of the Televes 232105 fusion kit?

  • Core-based fibre alignment
  • 360º protection: dust, water, and shock proof
  • Discharge self-calibration based on altitude and atmospheric pressure
  • Calibration option based on the tupe of the fibre being used
  • Automatic oven activation upon tube insertion
  • Each of the six high-precision engines is equipped with the stepper motor operation mode, with a permanent magnet and gearbox for maximum precision
  • Temperature sensor activated cooling system
  • Equipment automatic self-check option
  • Configurable ECO mode (auto shut down and stand-by)
  • Datalog for fusion data and image export, without any external software installation
  • Up to 250 fusions/bakings with a single battery charge
  • Two independent connectors (battery and splicer), possibility of working w/o the battery connected
  • Extraction battery special button that avoids accidental extractions
  • Horizontal 4.3" LCD screen. Solid plastic protector included, compatible with the rubber band protector

What technical specifications does the Televes 232105 fusion kit have?

Average loss per splice dB 0.02 @ Single Mode fiber (SM)
0.01 @ Multi Mode fiber (MM)
0.04 @ DS fiber and NZDS fiber
0.02 @ BIF fiber and UBIF fiber
Average time per splice s 9 / 7 (fast mode)
Average time for the heat-shrink sleeve heating s 19
Fusion programmes 100
90 free and 10 factory pre-defined
Heating programmes 100
96 free and 4 factory pre-defined
Fiber alignment Core alignment and cladding alignment in three axis X-Y-Z
Screen High performance 4.3” LCD
Lens magnification X-Axis + Y-Axis = 180
X-Axis or Y-Axis = 360
Electrodes life uses 4000 (aprox.)
8000 (with spare)
Max. result record 10000
Mini USB Updates and records download
Mains voltage Vac 100 - 240
Mains frequency Hz 50 / 60
Battery Li-ION (11.1V and 7800mAh)
Charging battery duration cycle 300 aprox. (splicing and heating)
Operating range
Operating temperature ºC / ºF -20 ... +55 / -4 ... +131
Relative humidity % < 95
Altitude m 0 - 5000
1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)
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EAN 8424450205464
Product Brand Televes
System Optic Fiber
SERIE Fusionadora
Instrumentation Fiber Splicer Kit
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