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Q-790 adapter BOSS C21-60 G 15 dB antenna DTT LTE filter. Ref. 561 901 Televes.
Q-BOSS converts any passive antenna LTE compatible since, besides incorporating an anti LTE / 4G filter BOSStech endows the intelligent system.
Thanks to these two features, the upgrade installation using a Q-BOSS is on foot mast and without changing the antenna.
The important advantages provided by this system are the lack of adjustment and less time spent in the work of adaptation. Both provide higher returns to the installation company.
The range of Q-BOSS devices consists of three references which differ in the cutting channel (58, 59 or 60) and a reference (562,101) for DTT reception areas BIII / UHF.
This reference has cut 561901 on channel 60, used in 59 provinces where the channel is occupied by a DTT channel.


  • Q-BOSS 790 for installations up to channel 60.
  • Suitable for unprotected LTE antennas since, apart from self-adjust the gain in TDT, filter signal TV (channels 21- 60) avoiding interference of telephone signals.
  • Its design is based on the use of the latest generation of microcomponents (1 x 0.5 mm) which reduce the device size and power consumption.
  • Manufactured using fully automated processes, resulting in high reliability.
  • EasyF connection for easy installation.
  • Power supply 12 ... 24VDC low consumption.
  • Highlights:
  • It allows operation of the antenna even without being fed.
  • It allows the installer to update any antenna to the LTE and provide it with intelligence, without climbing to its location.
  • Device "plug & play" that automatically adjust the output level to the proper value, offering the best possible signal quality.
  • Prevents future changes in signal level, keeping unchanged the signal quality.
  • Without adjustments.

What technical specifications does the Televes 561901 LTE Filter have?

UHF Band C21-C60
Frequency range MHz 470-790
Gain (BOSS ON) dB 15,5
Automatic gain control range (AGC) dB 0-15
Adjusted output level DIN45004B dBµV 101/-
EN50083 98/-
10 CH DVB-T 85/-
Noise figure dB 3,5
Power supply Vdc 12-24
Current consumption mA 40
Maximum input current mA -
Protection index IP 23

More Information
EAN 8424450161258
System DTT
SERIE F-connector
Color Orange
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Filter
Entorno Exterior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection Flange
Outputs 1
Cut channel 60
Product Brand Televes
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