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Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Receivers

The main difference between DTT Receivers and DTT Satellite receivers is based on signal transmission. While DTT uses terrestrial antennas, DTT SAT uses satellites for the transmission of Digital Terrestrial Television, offering more channels and better image and sound quality, although at a higher price.

Discover our selection of HD DTT receivers from renowned brands such as Engel Axil, Opticum, Televes, etc.. Whether you are looking for a receiver for home or for professional use, our wide range of products guarantees that you will find the best option for your specific needs. Trust the experience and knowledge of the TDTprofesional experts to advise you on choosing the ideal TDT receiver that fits your requirements and budget.

High Definition Receiver TDT HD

Without any doubt, a DTT HD receiver is an essential element in a radio television installation, since in Spain there are no analogue television broadcasts, and digital terrestrial television is only broadcast in HD.

Since the DTT SD blackout, standard definition channels ceased to exist, giving way to the new DTT scenario in high definition. Currently it is essential to have an HD DTT receiver or a television with an HD tuner to continue enjoying our favorite programs.

Most new televisions sold on the market usually include a built-in HD tuner. If your receiver or television does not receive HD channels, the problem can be solved by purchasing an HD DTT receiver.

Older televisions, may not seem to be prepared for digital television. However, these televisions work perfectly. Connecti a HD DTT receiver and extend their useful life much longer, with an investment of around €30.

sintonizador TDT


Another reason to buy an HD DTT receiver could be the functionality of recording programs to a USB memory. Most televisions with HD DTT that are sold have a USB port, but this port only allows you to view recordings or downloaded movies, it doesn't allow direct recording of the television signal. Buying a DTT HD you can watch a channel on the television, and at the same time record a different program on the DTT HD receiver.

HD DTT Receiver via Satellite

The DTT HD satellite receiver is a very usefull option for those who cannot watch television, either because they live in an area without coverage, in the middle of a valley, behind a high-rise building, or because of interfering signals. . Its use is also common in caravans and boats. Since 2009, the Spanish government made the Hispasat 30º West DTT satellite system available to citizens.

Spain's satellite DTT system is encrypted. This broadcast cannot be received with any satellite receiver on the market. In fact, there is only one receiver model on the market today that allows you to watch DTT via satellite in Spain, and it is the Televes DTT SAT receiver. Although its price is high, it offers advantages such as a greater number of channels and better image and sound quality.

Which DTT tuner to buy?

If you need to update your television to the new High Definition DTT scenario, we encourage you to take a look at our available stock of HD DTT receivers. They are the not expensive and perfectly cover the needs of HD.

If you live in a rural area or with poor coverage, your best option is the DTT satellite receiver.

We also have available Combo receivers, which have a DTT terrestrial antenna input, satellite antenna input and cable TV, all in a single device and with more than reasonable prices.

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