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Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Receivers

Undoubtedly, the DTT receiver is one of the essential elements in a television radio installation, since currently in Spain there are no analogue television broadcasts, and therefore we will always need to have a digital terrestrial television receiver to be able to watch television.

Currently all televisions sold on the market must include an integrated DTT tuner, but still many people want to buy DTT receivers for various reasons.

The most important reason is to take advantage of the old television without an integrated digital terrestrial television receiver, which we keep in our kitchens, bedrooms, etc. These televisions, despite being old, work perfectly and with a cheap DTT receiver, we can extend their useful life much longer, for an investment of around € 30.

sintonizador TDT

Another reason to buy a DTT tuner is to be able to watch the channels in HD, since many televisions in the market integrate the DTT tuner, but this is not High definition, and therefore HD channels cannot be seen. With the purchase of a DTT HD receiver, we can solve this problem and be able to see the new channels that only broadcast in high definition, and in turn be able to record them on a USB memory.

Another of the most important reasons to buy a DTT HD receiver is that we can record on a USB memory. Most of the televisions with DTT HD that are sold have a USB port, but this port is only used to view downloaded recordings or movies, but does not allow the television signal to be recorded directly. Therefore, many people choose to buy a cheap HD DTT, for just € 30, and be able to use it as a recorder. In this way you can watch a channel on television with an integrated DTT tuner, and at the same time be able to record a different program on the DVB-T HD receiver.

What DTT Receiver do I buy?

In our online store we offer a wide range of high definition DTT tuners, since DTT SD receivers are hardly commercialized today. The little difference between the price of DTT HD receivers compared to SD makes it not worth buying a DTT SD tuner, taking into account that there are channels that only broadcast in HD and that with a DTT SD receiver they could not be seen channels. In addition we also have Combo receivers, which allow us to receive DTT and Satellite signals in high definition.

Finally, it should be noted that we also sell SAT DTT receivers, which is an official service of the Spanish government that allows you to see the DTT signal, now also in HD, at any point in Spain where there is no coverage. These satellite DTT receivers can also be installed in caravans and boats.

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  1. Receiver Recorder DVB-T2 RT0420T2 HD Engel Axil
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  2. DVB-T2 HD PVR Engel DTT Receiver
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  3. DVB-T2 HEVC Full HD Receiver with PVR Engel
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  4. Television Ever Led 42'' Smart TV- TDT T2 FHD BL

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  5. Receiver TDT SAT HD Televes
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DTT Receivers