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Remote Controls for TVs, Receivers and Air Conditioners

In this section you will find both universal programmable remote controls and specific for certain brands and devices.

We have remote controls for TV of different brands: LG, Samsung, SONY and Philips. You will also find specific controls for Smart TV, with a full keyboard to make searches more comfortable.

Also controls for all types of air conditioning systems, compatible with 2000 and up to 6000 models of air conditioners on the market, from a multitude of brands.

We have replacement remotes for receivers: Thomson, GI, VIARK, Televes, Talcom, Strong, Opticum, Illusion, M7, Cristor Atlas, Datacom, etc.

As for universal controls, these are compatible with both televisions and video equipment: receivers, DVD, Blu-Ray and others ... We have 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 models with which you can control several devices with the same remote . Also models for hotels and simple numbering with larger keys.

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  1. Simple dial numbering of the top brand
    SKU: TC0912

    €4.63 Tax included
  2. Programming IR for remote 2 in 1 and 4 in 1 Superior

    €5.81 Tax included
  3. Remote control for LG and SAMSUNG Superior televisions
    SKU: TC0907

    €6.80 Tax included
  4. Superior Simply+ Remote Control
    SKU: Simply+

    €6.99 Tax included
  5. Universal Remote Control 2 in 1 TV + DTT Axil
    SKU: ENGMD0283E

    €7.55 Tax included
  6. Superior remote control for PHILIPS TV
    SKU: TC0910

    €7.59 Tax included
  7. SUPERIOR control for air with 6000 in 1
    SKU: MDSAIR6000

    €7.62 Tax included
  8. Superior remote control for TV SONY
    SKU: TC0909

    €7.94 Tax included
  9. Axil Universal Remote for Air Conditioning
    SKU: ENGMD0031

    €9.49 Tax included
  10. Remote Control of Receivers QVIART OG

    €9.68 Tax included
  11. Universal 4 in 1 remote -Superior
    SKU: MAD4EN1

    €9.99 Tax included
  12. Universal Remote Control 2 in 1 Superior
    SKU: MAD2EN1

    €10.02 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 32

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