Remote Control Transmitters

Infrared Remote Control Transmitters

Remote control transmitters are nothing more than a pair of transmitter and receiver that what it does is transmit the remote control signal from another room. This is useful when you have modulated throughout the house the signal from a satellite tuner or other type of audio / video equipment, such as a DVD, Blue-ray etc.

We mainly have two types of transmitters; wireless and via coaxial cable.

  • The wireless transmitter consists of a transmitter and a receiver that are connected each in a room. One next to your main equipment that you want to control from the other room in the house and the other near the television in the room from where you want to control the main equipment. Communication is wireless, so the obstacles they encounter depend on the proper functioning (walls, ceilings, tiling, stone, slab, etc). They are inexpensive remote control transmitters.


  • The coaxial cable transmitter also consists of a transmitter and a receiver but this time they are connected to the coaxial wall socket, which carries the television signal. They communicate with each other through the existing television outlets in the installation. In this case it does not depend on any obstacle, and although they are generally more expensive equipment, these coaxial transmitters give better results.

It should be noted that some brands, in addition to marketing the set of transmitter and receiver, sell separate transmitters that are used to also be able to control with the remote control from a second or third room, depending on how many more we want to add to the house apart from the game that brings the transmitter pair.


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  1. Digidom IR Supplementary Transmitter for 723703 Televes
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  2. IR over coax Receiver (2nd port)
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  3. Televes Digidom Wireless Remote Control Transmitter
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  4. Distributor 2 outputs for Remote Eye
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  5. Outdoor Infrared Transmitter Kit on Coaxial
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