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Flush Box Monitor SMILE 7" Fermax

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Fermax 6551 Embedding Box for SMILE 7" Monitor

Flush mounting box for the SMILE 7" monitor, for a perfect integration into any space in the home.

Once fixed with this embedding box, the monitor protrudes from the wall 4mm. For a correct assembly, the Fermax 6552 trim frame must be added.

The measurements of the box are: 198 (H) x 186 (V) x 44 (D) mm. This one has indented marks on the bottom and sides to easily pierce them and allow the cables to pass through.

24/48 Hours

Box for flush mounting the Fermax SMILE 7" Monitor

What technical specifications does the SMILE 7" Fermax 6551 Flush Mount Box have?

  • Trim frame for Smile 7” Monitor
  • White color
  • This recessed accessory is combined with the trim frame of the SMILE 7" Monitor
  • Smile 7" trim frame measurements: 209x196x4mm (horizontal-vertical-depth)
  • Smile 7" embedding box measurements: 198x186x44mm (horizontal-vertical-depth)
  • Weight: 0.1412 kg
24/48 Hours
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EAN 8424299065519
System Accessories
Color White
Type Monitor
Product Brand Fermax
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