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Reel for cleaning optical connectors

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Bitel CS \ CRR-CLN Connector Cleaning Reel

Thanks to this cleaning reel you can eliminate dust on the optical connectors without damaging the fiber to avoid signal attenuations caused by dirty connectors.

These reels have spare parts of cleaning tape, each tape has the capacity to clean up to 500 connectors. It is used to clean SC, FC, ST, D4, MU, LC, MT and DIN fiber connectors.

It includes carrying case.

24/48 Hours

Bitel optical connector cleaning reel.

What features does the Bitel CS \ CRR-CLN connector cleaning reel have?

  • SC - FC - ST - D4 - MU - LC - MT - DIN connectors
  • It includes carrying case
  • Available tape spare parts
  • It consists of a very fine antistatic fabric that cleans fiber optic connectors without causing scratches
  • No need to use alcohols or other chemical derivatives
  • Suitable for cleaning dust, oil, particles and alcohol
  • Window to display the available tape level
  • Each cartridge allows cleaning of up to 500 connectors
  • Compact size for easy handling
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