Televes SC/APC connector for fiber optic

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SC/APC Televes 2329 connector

Fiber Optic Connector for ODF, ONT, FTTH and Cable TV applications. The acronym SC/APC indicates that it is an SC connector (square shape) with APC polishing.

These types of connectors are very common in the connections to the subscriber user since it quickly adjusts by pressure, is compact and allows to integrate high density of connectors per instrument. It is used for both singlemode and multimode fiber and has a loss of 0.25 dB.

Its polished APC achieves a higher quality optical link since they achieve less return losses, thus increasing the number of users in single mode fiber. APC has become the most used type of polish.

SC - APC connector for fiber optic brand Televes. To insert the fiber into the connector you must follow the following steps:

  1. Insert the fiber through the threaded plastic bushing and rubber sleeve.
  2. Strip the fiber (leaving a length of 20mm for the diameter of 250 microns and 10mm for the diameter of 125 microns).
  3. Insert the fiber into the connector housing until it reaches the bottom.
  4. Close the connector tab by trapping the rubber sleeve, and therefore the fiber.
  5. Move the slide switch to fix the fiber.
  6. Screw the plastic bushing. Insert the rectangular green cap, until it is anchored.


  • ODF (Optical Distribution Frame)
  • ONT (Optical Network Unit)
  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
  • Cable TV Network
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EAN 8424450142592
System Optic Fiber
Serie Female Connect.
Color Green
Type Connector
Connection type SC Fiber
Form factor Straight
Product Brand Televes
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