RG6 Coaxial Cable K290 (16.5 dB / dB 28.2 x 100m) 100 meters

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Coaxial cable K290 RG6 Coil 100 meters

Coaxial cable K290-W Coil 100 meters, 6.8mm thick. Ideal cable for installers for quality / price ratio, cable resistance and only 16.2 dB of loss for terrestrial installations.

This is a pretty tough cable and used by installers.

Coil of 100 meters of FTE coaxial cable with excellent quality-price ratio for the distribution of the television signal with a minimum attenuation.

Coil of 100 meters of coaxial cable RG6 K290 W of the brand Fte Maximal with little attenuation and highly recommended by the installers for its resistance and good price.

What are the main features of Fte's K290-W coaxial cable?

  • Dielectric diameter: 4.6mm.
  • Braided: AI.
  • Inner conductor: 1.13 mm.
  • Number of threads: 128
  • Screening 30-900MHz (dB):> 90.
  • Diameter of cover: 6.8 mm.

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More Information
EAN 8436023599177
System RG6
Serie 100m
Entorno Interior
Color White
Cobertura Exterior Cables PVC
Conductor Interno Cables Copper Clad Steel (CCS)
Material Malla Coaxial Aluminum (Al)
Product Brand Fte
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