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How to Orient Your Satellite Antenna

When installing a satellite dish, first you have to choose the ideal location where to put it, always facing south and having a complete view of the sky, that is, without buildings that can shade. It is recommended, if possible, to place it in a place protected from the wind.

Once we have mounted the wall support or mast where we want to place it, we put the antenna (without fixing it to be able to move it), we connect it to the decoder and configure the latter with the parameters of the desired satellite. Now with the help of a compass or satellite locator we look for the correct position and check in the decoder that the quality and power are optimal.

After having installed it successfully, all that remains is to do the channel search to start enjoying satellite television.

Before orienting the antenna, we must know the channels that we want and in which satellite they are, as well as the parameters necessary for their visualization. This information can be easily found on websites and applications.

Do you have any more questions? visit our blog How to install and orient a satellite dish.


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Orientation of Satellite Antennas