Televes FI Simulator (950-2150Mhz) 4008

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FI Simulator

The function of the FI 4008 simulator of Televes is to evaluate the flatness and losses of an ICT installation without FI signal, by generating three signals distributed in the satellite band (960, 1550 and 2140 MHz).

This simulator has up to eight types of signal configurations depending on the combination of parameters such as output level, signal modulation, sweep generation and power

Includes feeder.

The 4008 simulator is designed to perform attenuation and flatness tests on F.I installations. Of satellite.

What technical characteristics does the FI 4008 simulator have?

  • Rotary switch to select the various operating modes.
  • It generates sweeps between 950 and 2150 MHz, thus covering the entire FI band.
  • It has a rotary switch that allows to select the different modes of operation.
    • Output of pilot signals to the installation. Current input from the installation to power the simulator.
    • Connector to externally feed the simulator through the DC adapter.
    • Rotary switch that allows to select the different modes of operation.
    • Two-color LED that indicates the type of signal present in the installation

What technical specifications does the FI 4008 simulator have?

References  4008
Feeding Vdc  12...18
Consume W < 2
Input Connector tipo "F" hembra
Frequency range MHz  960-1550-2150
Precision KHz  Mejor de ± 200
Spurious dBc  Mejor de -20
Index of protection IP  20
Dimensions mm  98 x 65 x 27
More Information
EAN 8424450040089
Color Orange
Product Brand Televes
System Signal simulator
SERIE Tester
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