T12 UHF Single channel Amplifier (472...862 MHz)

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Single Channel Amplifier UHF 50dB T12 Series Televes 508612

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The Televes T12 Series single-channel amplifier is an amplification device for each UHF channel (DTT) with a gain of 50dB for a community installation. This amplifier is used in conjunction with the other T12 Series single channel amplifiers in the headend. Compatible with previous T03 models, as well as their power supply.

It is recommended to install with the Televes 5071 DIN support or with the Televes 5069 box. The Televes 549812 power supply is necessary for its installation. The single-channel includes all the elements necessary for its operation (jumpers, power cables ...)

In addition, it allows DC current pass to power previous equipment or active UHF antennas such as the BOSS range from Televes.

NOTE: Indicate the desired channel at the time of ordering.

Single Channel UHF-DTT Amplifier (470-862 MHz) with 50dB Gain T12 Series by Televes

What are the main characteristics of the Televes 508612 T12 Single Channel Amplifier?

  • Modular system, which facilitates its expansion, custom configuration, and the replacement of an amplifier
  • Very high gain (adjustable)
  • DIN rail, cabinet or rack installation
  • They include the necessary elements for its start-up (bridges, power cables ...)
  • Full compatibility with the previous T03 model, as well as its power supply

What technical specifications does the Televes 508612 T12 Single Channel Amplifier have?

Frequency margin MHz 470...890
Bandwidth MHz CCIR 8→56
NTSC 6→48
Gain dB 50
Gain regulation 30
AGC dynamic margin -
Equalizer -
Max.output level dBμV A EN 50083-5 125→111
D EN 50083-5 118→102
dBmV A EN 50083-5 65→51
D EN 50083-5 58→42
Max. current input mA 100
Power supply Vdc 24
Current consumpt mA 95
Flatness dB <3
Rejection CCIR dB Rn±1 >3
Rn±2 >25
Rn±3 >45
NTSC Rn±1 -
Rn±2 >20
Rn±3 >40
Protection Level IP 20

More Information
EAN 8424450239599
System DTT
SERIE F-connector
Color Black
Type Single channel amplifier
Entorno Interior
# Inputs 2
Outputs 2
Gain 50
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 126
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Terrestrial
Product Brand Televes
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