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Tools for fiber optic installations

 We have tools for fiber optic installations such as the fusion splicers, cutters, mechanical splicers, case mergers, etc. Everything you need for a fiber optic fusion successfully.

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  1. Triple fiber optic cable stripper FO-110013 from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110013

    €5.93 Tax included
  2. Dispenser for alcohol 250 cc for fiber optic cable

    €7.74 Tax included
  3. Tool for blowing and cleaning dust fiber cable FO-110023 Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110023

    €9.32 Tax included
  4. FO-110011 fiber optic cleaning towels from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110011

    €13.81 Tax included
  5. Front peeler for fiber optic cable FTTH FO-110018 Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110018

    €13.96 Tax included
  6. Mechanical Splice for optical fiber
    SKU: TEL2328

    €14.08 Tax included
  7. Replacement tape for optical cleaning reel

    €19.97 Tax included
  8. 1 liter Isopropyl Alcohol Bottle Bitel

    €20.33 Tax included
  9. Special fiber optic scissors for kevlar fiber FO-110006 from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110006

    €25.16 Tax included
  10. Mechanical Splice Tool for 35GTEFAST

    €27.23 Tax included
  11. SC-FC fiber optic cable cleaning pen FO-110012 from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110012

    €28.80 Tax included
  12. 100 protective bag fiber for fusion
    SKU: TEL2327B

    €32.94 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 32

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Optical Fiber Tools