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Mixer Terrestrial and Satellite Signals

The mixer are passives and we can use in the installation to make a mixer mast  for one cable two kinds of signals. There are mixer for terrestrial signals or mixer for satellite signals. Also, we can find mixer only for DTT and only for Radio..

At the moment to choose a mixer we must know which is the signal that we want mix, and where will be the installation, inside or outside, if we need a box...

The mixer, also they are called Diplexores, this is mixed or separate DTT or Satellite signals.

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  1. Terrestrial / Satellite Mixer 4-2400MHz Indoor Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7630V

    €3.48 Tax included
  2. Terrestrial and Satellite TV signal mixer by Tecatel

    €3.48 Tax included
  3. Outdoor Terrestrial-Satellite Mixer from Tecatel

    €3.87 Tax included
  4. Johansson Terrestrial-Satellite Mixer
    SKU: JOH9501E

    €3.94 Tax included
  5. Earth-satellite signal mixer for indoor

    €4.01 Tax included
  6. Tecatel DTT-SAT Flange Indoor Mixer

    €4.68 Tax included
  7. Outdoor signal-satellite signal mixer

    €5.35 Tax included
  8. TV-SAT Outdoor LTE 5G Mixer
    SKU: ROV82208

    €9.39 Tax included
  9. Mini terrestrial and satellite mixer
    SKU: TEL745220

    €10.71 Tax included
  10. Mixer 3 inputs Mast UHF-VHF-UHF. Current flow.
    SKU: TEL404110

    €11.66 Tax included
  11. 3-input FM-DAB-UHF interior mixer with DC current passage
    SKU: TEL404010

    €12.08 Tax included
  12. DTT-SAT 1.5dB Televes Indoor Mixer
    SKU: TEL745210

    €12.23 Tax included
  13. Mixer ICT distributor with 2 inputs FI and 1 terrestrial
    SKU: TEL740710

    €28.12 Tax included

14 Items

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Set Descending Direction