Trim plate for shots R-TV-SAT

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Televes R-TV-SAT 544302 embellisher

The Televes 544302 is an embellisher for a TV, radio and satellite socket.

This embellisher is used with the Televes 5250 jack, which has 3 different connectors, one for terrestrial, one for satellite and one for FM.

In addition, this bezel can be used with the Televes socket 5442.

The Televes 544302 is an embellisher for the 5250 which has 3 different connectors.

What are the technical characteristics of the Televes 544302?

  • It is white.
  • It is used for sockets with 3 connectors.
  • It can be attached to socket 5442.
  • Used for TV-SAT-FM.

How to install the embellisher?

The bezel has a small screw in the center, which is screwed directly to the socket, which has a thread in the center where you insert the screw of the bezel.

It can be installed in any outlet, although it only has two connectors, only a gap of the bezel would be rendered useless.

More Information
EAN 8424450140017
System DTT & SAT
SERIE Network Termination
Color White
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Accessory
Entorno Interior
Product Brand Televes
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