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Transmitter power cable internet PLC

PLCs are but a couple of devices that connect two network plugs housing for an internet connection without throwing an additional UTP cabling. Internet function through the mains. The connection is made between point to point between PLCs.

The PLC communications are secure, as only connect between devices on the same electrical circuit. The electrical circuits are not shared between neighbors, even if you live in a community of neighbors and his other neighbor has another PLC will not be possible to ever connect your PLC to the neighbor or the neighbor connect with yours.

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  1. AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Mercusys MP500 KIT

    €36.87 Tax included
  2. TP-Link AV600 PLC Mini Adapter Kit
    SKU: TL-PA411KIT

    €45.98 Tax included
  3. Adapter Powerline 200Mbit/s, P.Link

    €46.16 Tax included
  4. MP510 Gigabit PLC Kit with Wifi Mercusys

    €57.20 Tax included
  5. Nano PLC 500Mbps Powerline Kit TPLINK
    SKU: TL-PA4010KIT

    €58.15 Tax included
  6. PLC Powerline AV500 WiFi Extender 300Mbps
    SKU: TL-WPA4220

    €58.73 Tax included
  7. Nano PLC 500Mbps Powerline Kit TPLINK
    SKU: TL-PA4010PKIT

    €59.82 Tax included
  8. PLC Powerline 300-500 Mbps TPLINK
    SKU: TL-WPA4220KIT

    €73.83 Tax included
  9. AV1000 PLC Kit with 2 Gigabit ports and built-in plug
    SKU: TL-PA7020P

    €87.40 Tax included
  10. Powerline AV600 PLC with WiFi 300Mbps Tp-Link
    SKU: TL-WPA4221KIT

    €91.05 Tax included
  11. Powerline Wi-Fi 500 Mbits Kit

    €51.85 Tax included

11 Items

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Powerline (PLC)