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White trim plate for TV-R

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5441 Televes trim plate

Televes trim plate for double wall socket, with raised indicators of the DTT and FM radio outputs (TV-R).

Made of white ABS plastic and a corrosion resistant fixing screw.

24/48 Hours

What are the main features of Televes 5441 trim plate?

  • It is marked with the indications: TV-R.
  • Embossed indications on the bezel.
  • ABS plastic in white (RAL 9001)
  • Fixing screw according to RoHS and corrosion resistant
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424450054413
System DTT
SERIE Network Termination
Color White
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Accessory
Entorno Interior
Input signal FM, UHF
Product Brand Televes
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