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1310nm optical transmitter SC / APC 10dBm

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Televes 1310nm ''SC / APC'' 10dBM 233311 Transmitter

Optical transmitter with radio frequency input compatible with SMATV. Different power outputs, reaching a maximum of 10 dbm.

With this equipment it is possible to send the television signal, both satellite and terrestrial, through optical fiber. The advantages of the optical fiber are mainly its insignificant attenuations, which allows to send the signal over longer distances, and also its immunity against electrical interference.

Radio frequency input level control for the adjustment of quality parameters, control signals for monitoring the optical output signal and relay for the implementation of an optical power drop alarm.

1 to 7 days
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(Iberian Peninsula)

What technical specifications does the Televes 233311 optical transmitter have?

Referencia 233311
  RF Canal directo
 Ancho de banda MHz  54...2150

 Nivel máximo de entrada para que CSO y CTB >= 60dB (1)

MATV dBμV 87
 Ruido equivalente de entrada a 850MHz dBm/Hz -150
 Ruido equivalente de entrada a 2GHz -146
 Atenuación de entrada dB 0 - 18
 Perdidas de retorno ≥ 10
 Impedancia Ω 75
 F.O. Canal Retorno  Longitud de onda nm -
 Ancho de banda de detección MHz -
 Potencia óptica máxima recibida mW/dBm -
 Conector óptico -
 Salida  F.O. Canal directo  Longitud de onda nm 1310
 Potencia óptica máxima emitida mW/dBm 10/10
 Conector óptico SC/APC
 RF Canal Retorno  Ancho de banda de detección MHz -
 Nivel máximo de salida DIN45004B dBμV -
 Margen de regulación dB -
 Perdidas de retorno -
 Impedancia Ω -
 General  Alimentación Vdc 12 - 24
 Consumo a 24Vdc mA 140
 Índice de protección IP 20
 Dimensiones (Larg x Alt x Prof) mm 50 x 217 x 175

1 to 7 days
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(Iberian Peninsula)
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