Mast Amplifier 2 Inputs UHF/VHFmix-FImix and 4 Outputs LTE

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Mast Amplifier 2 Input UHF/VHFmix-FImix 4 Output Televes 5354

Mast amplifier to amplify and mix terrestrial and satellite TV signals, with 2 inputs: UHF/VHFmix - FImix and 4 outputs. Its EasyF connection system makes installation easy and requires no connectors.

It offers 20dB of gain for the UHF band, adjustable -15dB, and only mixes the VHF and SAT bands. It is powered at 12-24Vdc and allows the DC pass both to feed an active DTT antenna, as well as for the LNB.

This amplifier distributes TV + SAT in the 4 outputs for its subsequent connection to each outlet in the house. It is a 3-in-1 equipment: mixer, amplifier and splitter. Designed for TV distribution in a single family home.

IMPORTANT: if you want to mix Satellite signal, power the amplifier only at 12Vdc.


Mast Amplifier +20dB with 2 inputs (UHF/VHFmix-FImix) and 4 outputs LTE

What technical specifications does the Televes 5354 Mast Amplifier have?

Input ports   VHF UHF SAT
Frequency range MHz 47-254 470 - 862 950-2200
Gain dB typ -9 20 -12
dB ---- 15 ----
Noise figure dB ---- 2.5 ----
Output Interstage equalizers dBμV typ ---- 93 ----
DC pass mA --- 40 350
Mains volt. V 12-24
Consumpt. mA 40
IP 23
operat. limits
ºC -5 ... +45


More Information
EAN 8424450053546
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Orange
Type Mast amplifier
Entorno Exterior
Input signal FI, UHF, VHF
# Inputs 2
Outputs 4
Gain 20
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Satellite, Terrestrial
Product Brand Televes
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