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BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 5G Mast Amplifier

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Televes BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix NanoKom 561521 Mast Amplifier

NanoKom mast amplifier of 3 inputs: BIII/UHF, FM mix, and Satellite mix. It offers a gain of 28dB for UHF (470-694 Mhz) and 18dB for BIII (174-254 Mhz). Amplifier with 5G LTE filter, adapted to the 2nd Digital Dividend.

Once the installer selects the desired output signal, the amplifier with USOS technology maintains that stable level, automatically adjusting itself to adapt the gain to the variations in the input signal. The amplifier includes a DC current pass to feed a DTT antenna with the BOSS system and the LNB of the satellite dish.

Ultra-slim design with a rugged ABS plastic housing for outdoor installation, with EasyF connection, no connectors required.

24/48 Hours

Televes NanoKom Mast Amplifier for BIII/UHF with LTE 5G plus FM and FI mix.

What are the main characteristics of the Televes 561521 mast amplifier?

  • Equipped with USOS (User Selectable Output Signal) technology: the installer selects the desired output level, which remains stable. The device automatically adjusts gain according to the input signal variation.
  • Separate amplification and very low noise figure, thus respecting signal quality
  • Ultra-small ergonomic design
  • EasyF connection system
  • Can be powered in the 12 V-to-24 V range
  • LTE filter to remove mobile phone interference
  • ON/OFF switch to allow DC pass towards the UHF input for the powering of a BOSS system
  • Easy mounting. Equipped with a plastic tie for mast mounting
  • Resistant ABS-plastic orange case for outdoor installation

What technical specifications does the Televes 561521 mast amplifier have?

Frequency margin MHz 470...694 174...254 47...108 950...2150
Gain dB 28 18 -1,5 -2.5
Gain adjustment range dB AUTO
0 ... 15
0 ... 15
- -
Max.output level dBμV DIN 45004B 108 106 - -
EN 50083 115 113 - -
10 CH DVB-T 94 - - -
2 CH DVB-T - 90 - -
Output level regulation margin dB   0...12   0...12 - -
Noise figure dB 2 3 - -
Power supply V /mA 12-24 / 50
Max current through inputs OFF mA 0
ON 40 - -
DC OUT -> DC SAT - - - 300
Protection Level IP 23
Temperature operat. limits ºC -5 ... +45

24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424450202449
System DTT & SAT
Color Orange
Type Mast amplifier
Entorno Exterior
Input signal FI, FM, UHF
# Inputs 3
Outputs 1
Gain 28
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 108
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Satellite, Terrestrial
Product Brand Televes
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