Automatic Switcher 4+N DIN10 Fermax

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Automatic Switcher 4+N DIN-10 Fermax 8811

Automatic switcher for Fermax facilities with several accesses. Allows you to connect the home phone / monitor with the panel from where the call is made. Recommended for buildings with up to 50 neighbors and for urbanizations with a general entrance and interior blocks.

Equipment compatible with the Fermax 4+N analog audio/video entry system. 1 changing table is required for each access, up to a maximum of 7 accesses. Only in case of 2 accesses 1 changing table is needed.

DIN-10 rail format for installation inside an electrical equipment box or screwed to the wall.

Automatic Switcherr for conventional 4+N systems with several Fermax accesses

What technical specifications does the Fermax 8811 Automatic Switcher have?

  • Cabling:
    • Audio: 4 common wires + N (1 call wire per dwelling)
    • Video: 7 common wires + 1 video coaxial + N (1 call wire per home)
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc
  • Consumption: 150 mA
  • Timing: 90 seconds approx.
  • DIN 10 dimensions: 175x 90 x60 mm
  • System power:
    • Audio: 12 Vac
    • Video: 18 Vdc
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EAN 8424299088112
System 4+N
Color White
Type Accessories
Product Brand Fermax
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