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Antenna DTT FLASHD LTE 5G of 17dB HDTF-C48V

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DTT FLASHD LTE 5G 17dB Ikusi 1818 antenna

Ikusi UHF FLASHD antenna prepared for the 2nd Digital Dividend thanks to the 5G LTE filter that integrates with cut in channel 48 (470-694 MHz).

The 1818 antenna offers you a gain of 17dB. An interesting feature of this antenna is its easy assembly, it is supplied already mounted and it is enough to press a button so that it unfolds automatically.

The diameter of mast that allows is of Ø25 to 50mm and has an angle of inclination adjustable ± 40º.

24/48 Hours

Ikusi FLTHD DTT antenna with 17dB gain and LTE filter to eliminate interference with the 5G.

What are the main features of the UHF FLASHD Ikusi 1818 antenna?

  • The main feature of the new HDT antenna is that, while maintaining current gains, it achieves a powerful rejection of the LTE with a cut on channel 48 (future second digital dividend).
  • It is designed to help avoid saturation of active equipment by LTE signals, rejecting frequencies above 694 MHz (C21-48)
  • All models are supplied fully assembled and deployed with the simple press of a button.
  • Convergent triple boom.
  • Compact dipole Dihedral reflector, all aluminum elements.
  • Fixing to masts Ø25 to 50 mm. Angle of inclination adjustable ± 40º. Horizontal and vertical polarization.
  • Supplied with 1 threaded male connector and a rubber protective cap.
  • Polystyrene box with protection index IP55. Easy disassembly for a more comfortable connection of the coaxial cable.

What technical specifications does the UHF FLASHD Ikusi 1818 antenna have?

  • REF. 1818
  • Channels: 21 - 48 (470-694 MHz)
  • Nominal gain (dB): 17
  • D / A ratio (dB): ≥20
  • Opening angle (H / V): 40º / 50º (470 MHz); 55º / 65º (670 MHz)
  • Wind load (N): 130 Km / h: 105; 150 Km / h: 150
  • Length (cm): 105
  • Green color
More Information
EAN 8435136418184
Type DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain Medium
Dipole Passive
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required No
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