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DTT-UHF Antenna BKM 18dB LTE 5G

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BKM 18dB DTT Antenna with 5G LTE filter

The new version of the BKM of Tecatel for DTT-UHF is a robust antenna of high quality that offers a high gain of 18dB and is prepared for the 2nd Digital Dividend thanks to the LTE 5G filter that incorporates, with cut in channel 48 (694 MHz)

It is made of aluminum to reduce its weight, it consists of three arms of elements for optimal reception of the UHF signal and its installation is really simple. Passive antenna that does not require power.

It is recommended to install in areas where the signal is weak but stable.

IMPORTANT: This BKM18700 antenna is supplied in Black or Orange depending on availability.

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The BKM 18 antenna is a perfect high gain antenna to receive the DTT signal in our home.

What technical characteristics does the BKM 18dB antenna have?

  • Triple antenna UHF, G = 18 dBi
  • Antenna tdt high gain 18db.
  • Ideal for receiving Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)
  • Aluminum with 16.5 mm section on main shaft
  • Connector F
  • Folding structure, the reflectors are mounted with a screw.
  • Maximum robustness throughout the antenna
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Full HD antenna
  • Reinforced clamp
  • ABS plastic with UV protection
  • LTE 5G / LTE2 technology

What is the BKM 18dB antenna used for?

A high gain DTT antenna, such as the BKM18 antenna, allows reception of the digital terrestrial television signal in our home.

This antenna, being of high gain, can be installed in areas far from the repeater, but where the signal is received in a stable manner.

More Information
EAN 8430549067585
Type DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain Medium
Dipole Passive
Electronic No
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required No
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