AXPRO 868Mhz Professional Alarm Kit 96 zones Tri-X Hikvision

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AXPRO 868Mhz Professional Alarm Kit 96 zones Tri-X Hikvision

The kit includes:

  • Control panel via radio DS-PWA96-L-WE
  • Remote control DS-PKF1-WE
  • PIR detector with a range of 15 meters DS-PDP15P-EG2-WE
  • Magnetic contact DS-PDMC-EG2-WE

With this simple safety kit you can feel safe at home, business, store, as it contains everything you need to obtain a professional result. Opt for a simple and reliable solution provided by Hikvision.

We will be able to verify an intrusion from the moment it occurs thanks to the PIRCAM without interference and all this from your mobile, through the Hik-Connect application, which will allow you total control over all the procedures in the video, intercom and control devices access.

It uses Tri-X technology, which provides greater security thanks to the robustness of its RF protocol. This alarm system with state-of-the-art wireless technology offers us an excellent solution, providing peace of mind and without interruptions. This kit provides us with protection, security and automation.

In addition, this kit is very simple to install, with a very elegant design. You will be able to control the alarm management through your mobile with complete security, since it incorporates anti-interference technology.

And best of all, you won't have to pay monthly fees for this professional security kit. The kit connects to the internet and is managed via mobile with an application that you can download for freewithout fees.

AXPRO is EN Grade 2 certified for private security.

Technical specifications AXPRO 868Mhz Professional Alarm Kit 96 zones Tri-X Hikvision

What does this AXPRO DS-PWA96-Kit-WE Alarm kit contain?

The kit contains the following items:

• 1 x (DS-PWA96-L-WE): AX PRO 868MHz bidirectional radio control panel for up to 96 zones. Tri-X / Cam-X wireless technology. PIRCAM compatible. Integrated 2G LAN, WiFi and GPRS. Up to 16 areas, 32 users and 5,000 events.

• 1x (DS-PKF1-WE): AX PRO series 868MHz radio remote control.

• 1x (DS-PDP15P-EG2-WE): PIR detector via radio 868MHz of the AX PRO series. 15 meter range, 85.9 °. Anti-pets up to 30 kg.

• 1x (DS-PDMC-EG2-WE): 43mm magnetic contact via 868MHz radio from the AX PRO-SERIES.

Wireless Alarm Control Panel:

Number of supported wireless devices:

max. 96 pcs

Number of supported PIR Cameras:

max. 48 pcs (not included)



PIR detectors included:

1 pcs, Wireless

Magnetic contact included:

1 pcs, Wireless

The RFID cards/keyfobs support:

max. 48 pcs In the kit 3 pcs

Enclosure included:


Keyboard included:



Number of supported readers:

max. 8 pcs RFID proximity reader built-in: 1 pcs

Number of supported wireless sirens:

max. 6 pcs (not included)

Number of supported remote control keyfobs:

max. 48 pcs In the kit 1 pcs

Users + admins:

48 (46 + 1 + 1) 

Expander included :



868 MHz

Built-in modules:

· Wi-Fi module IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz,

· LAN 10 / 100 Mbps,

· 3G/4G - It supports push messages, SMS text notifications, and audio notifications via the phone

· 2 x SIM socket

Access from PC:

iVMS-4200 application

Mobile phones support:


Main features:

· Bidirectional communication - AES 128-bit data encryption

· Support for video events via a mobile client and email

· Configuration via the www client, mobile client or software

· Compliance with the SIA-Contact ID protocol

· LED indication

Protection class (Grade):

EN50131 Security Grade 2



Internal backup battery:

Li-Ion battery 4520 mAh, Battery backup - 12 h

Power supply:

100 ... 240 V AC (cable included)

Operation temp:

-10 °C ... 55 °C


0.56 kg


170 x 170 x 39 mm

Supported languages:


Magnetic contact:


Opening the door or window

Alarm signaling:

Signal to control panel

Frequency range:

868 MHz

Radio communication range (at open area):

max. 1600 m

Alarm inputs:


Protection class (Grade):

EN50131 Security Grade 2

Environment class:

Grade 2

Power supply:

1 x 3 V CR123A - included

Backup time:

~ 5 years

Operation temp:

-10 °C ... 55 °C


0.06 kg


· 103 x 23 x 23 mm - Transmitter

· 37 x 14 x 11 mm - magnet

PIR Detetor:



Frequency range:

868 MHz

Radio communication range (at open area):

max. 1600 m

Sensor type:

Passive Infra Red (PIR)

Detection range / Detection angle:

15 m / 85.9 °

Sensitivity adjustment:


Pet immunity:

≤ 30 kg

Digital temperature compensation:


Alarm output:


Target speed range:

0.3 ... 2 m/s

Protection class (Grade):

EN50131 Security Grade 2

Power supply:

1 x 3 V CR123A - included

Battery lifetime:

~ 5 years

Operation temp:

-10 °C ... 55 °C


0.12 kg


66 x 103 x 49 mm

Remote Controler:


868 MHz

Radio communication range (at open area):

max. 900 m

In the kit:

1 pcs

Control keys:

LED indication:


Power supply:

1 x 3 V CR2032 - included

Battery lifetime:

~ 3 years

Operation temp:

-10 °C ... 55 °C


0.016 kg


63 x 35 x 11 mm

General information:

Manufacturer / Brand:


SAP Code:



2 years


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