Hikvision Wireless Tri-X Magnetic Opening and Striking Contact

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Magnetic Contact Via Radio AXPRO DS-PDMCK-EG2-WE Hikvision

This small and discreet detector combines the advantages of a magnetic contact, which you can use both on doors and windows, as well as those of a vibration and shock detector. It belongs to the AXPRO series, with Tri-X technology.

The device is very easy to configure through the APP. Thanks to its size, its installation is very discreet. It can be adapted to any door with a metal base, since the device is magnetic.

The AXPRO series operates at 868Mhz, is characterized by being very reliable and includes protection against manipulation and interference. In addition to using AES-128 encryption.

It works with a CR123A battery, with autonomy of up to 3 years.

Technical Specifications of Magnetic Contact Via Radio AXPRO DS-PDMCK-EG2-WE Hikvision


• Detection methods: Contact opening and shock sensor

• Maximum GAP of 43 mm

• Three levels of shock sensitivity

• Tilt detection up to 25 °

• Digital processing

• Front and rear tamper protection

• Ambient temperature indicator

• Signal strength indicator

• Alarm input NC, NO, pulse counter

• Tri-X wireless transmission technology

• Two-way radio transmission

• Transmission frequency 868MHz

• AES-128 encryption

• 1.6 km transmission range in open field

• Supports frequency hopping

• Enrollment method by Power, remote ID and QR code

• Powered by 1 CR123A 3V battery

• Battery life of up to 3 years (20 activations per day)

• Storage temperature -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

• -10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C operating temperature

• Relative humidity 10% ~ 90%

• Indoor installation environment

• Contact dimensions: 22.5 (W) x 103 (H) x 23.2 mm

• Magnet dimensions: 13 (W) x 34.4 (H) x 11.4 mm

• Weight: 60 g

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