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Hikvision Tri-X 868MHz Bidirectional Wireless Relay

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Radio Relay for AXPRO DS-PM1-O1L-WE Hikvision systems

Accessory device for the AXPRO alarm system. Useful when you want to activate additional functions like opening a second door, turning on a courtesy light, etc.). It is easily mounted on the wall, thanks to its small housing, which leaves the switch masked.

The relay has an LED screen, where you can see the status of the device and the on / off. It has a transmission power of 10dBm.

You can use it in automatic or manual mode. The on / off can be done in different ways: through the APP, using a remote or using the keyboard.

You can configure different scenarios depending on the event you want to create. In addition, it has a tamper input, which you can use as an alarm input.

1 to 7 days

Technical Specifications Radio Relay for AXPRO DS-PM1-O1L-WE Hikvision systems

- The DS-PM1-O1L-WE relay module is a wall mounted 868MHz relay module.
- AES-128 encryption.
- Transmitter power 10dBm.
-LED display shows device status and power on / off.
- Small housing: discreet location and masking.
- Automatic mode, on / off with a button from the application / using a remote / keyboard.
- Configuration of scenarios for different events.
- It has a tamper input, it can be used as 1 alarm input (including zones).
- LED status indicator register / signal, power supply, relay
- Powered at 7V ~ 24V DC
- Fully configurable remotely through the app

1 function button for initialization
Configuration of scenarios by alarm, operation, failure, schedule or manual
Alarm input for NO / NC tamper
NO / NC relay output (0V ~ 36V DC, maximum 5A)
Serial port for debugging
Status LED Indicator
Two-way radio transmission
Transmission frequency 868MHz
AES-128 security encryption
Power supply: 7V ~ 24V DC
-10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C operating temperature
10% ~ 90% relative humidity
Plastic shell
White color
Indoor installation environment
Dimensions: 38 (W) x 25 (H) x 18 mm
Weight: 28.5g

1 to 7 days
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Automation Relay
Product Brand Hikvision
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