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16 Fibers Singlemode Cable Indoor/Outdoor by Meter

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16 Fibers Singlemode Cable for Indoor/Outdoor LSFH Televes 231414 by Meter

Single-mode 16-fiber multifiber cable for indoor and outdoor installation. Composed of 4 micro-modules with 4 fibers, each one with UV resistant LSFH cover and a different color.

Single-mode Euroclass Dca fiber, low attenuation. Micro-modules with blocking gel for protection against water and with a highly reinforced kevlar structure to maintain traction without the need for a central resistance element.

Composite cable with 9/125 type fiber, ITU-T G.657A2; fiber coating diameter of 250μm. Includes tear thread for opening the cover.

It is supplied in coils to measure (by meter), which will be ordered from the factory, so the delivery time may vary.

1 to 7 days

Single-mode 16-fiber multifiber cable with UV resistant LSFH sheath, supplied cut.

What are the main characteristics of Televes 231414 16-fiber cable?

  • Dca-s2,d2,a1 Euroclass
  • Low attenuation
  • Organized in fibre micro-modules
  • Blocking jelly, offering great protection against water
  • Good structure reinforcement using aramid fibers (kevlar), which allows to maintain its traction without the need for a central guiding wire for resistance
  • 9/125, ITU-T G.657A2 fibre type
  • Coating diameter adapted to the fibre: 250 μm
  • Ripcord to open the outer sheath
  • UV-resistant LSFH sheath, orange colour

What technical specifications does the Televes 231414 16-fiber cable have?

Cable type Indoor/Outdoor
Fibre type 9/125 (G657A2)
Number of fibres 16
Attenuation 1310nm dB/Km ≤0,4
1550nm ≤0,3
Micro-modules Material LSFH (Low Smoke Free Halogen)
Filler Water blocking petrol-jelly
Diameter mm 0,85 ±0,05
Outer sheath Material UV-resistant LSFH (Low Smoke Free Halogen)
Color Orange
Diameter mm 7,6 ±0,4
Min. bending radius mm 76
Short tension N 1000
Short crush N/100mm 1000
Operating temperature ºC -5 ... 60

More Information
EAN 8424450203316
Fiber type Singlemode
Entorno Exterior
Color Orange
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