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Fiber optic cables are becoming more widespread. The internet network expands at high speed and the transmissions in fiber are very high. It is used for internet, television and other types of digital services. It is a reality, fiber optic cable reaches the interior of our homes.

We have single-mode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic cable in all kinds of fiber numbers, and lengths. If you need fiber optic cable ask us a quote without obligation. Also available in our online store of fiber optic cables with pre-assembled terminals. FC / PC and SC / APC type connectors are the most common, but we can supply all kinds of connectors. LC / UPC fiber connectors, ST / UPC, and interconnect patch cords between them. Plus both simplex and duplex.

We can make custom fiber cable cuts. You can ask us price for multimode or single mode cables. We have cables in monotube armed for interior, and multitubo armed for outside.

For fiber optic ICT installations, we have cables of 2 fibers, 12 fibers, 24 fibers, 36 fibers, 48 ​​fibers, 72 fibers and 144 fibers. For indoor or outdoor, halogen-free, 9/125 G652D and 9/125 G657A2.

Ask for custom cable.

  • Choose a connector:


  • Choose a polish:


  • Type of fiber:

Single or multimode

  • Type of cable:

Simplex, Duplex, 10G, or Armed

  • And tell us the meters of cable you need.

* Check delivery times *


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  1. Fiber optic cable SM G657A2 LSZH 8 cutting fibers
    SKU: TECFO130009
    On request
    €0.80 Tax included
  2. 2-fiber fiber optic cable with black outdoor cover and white colored interior cover for ICT-2
    On request
    €0.83 Tax included
  3. 2 fiber indoor fiber optic cable for ICT-2
    In stock
    €1.03 Tax included
  4. 16 Fibers Singlemode Cable Indoor/Outdoor by Meter
    SKU: TEL231414
    On request
    €1.74 Tax included
  5. Fiber optic cable SM G657A2 LSZH 24 cutting fibers
    SKU: TECFO130007
    On request
    €2.19 Tax included
  6. 24 Fibers Singlemode Cable Indoor/Outdoor by Meter
    SKU: TEL231614
    On request
    €2.50 Tax included
  7. Fiber optic cable SM G657A2 LSZH 48 cutting fibers
    SKU: TECFO130011
    On request
    €3.27 Tax included
  8. 48 Fibers Cable Singlemode Indoor/Outdoor by Meter
    SKU: TEL231714
    In stock
    €3.62 Tax included
  9. Fiber Optic Cable 2 singlemode fibers Interior LSFH 300 meters
    SKU: TEL231901B
    In stock
    €141.23 Tax included
  10. Fiber optic cable with 2 fibers for outdoor that complies with ICT-2
    In stock
    €163.97 Tax included
  11. 2 Fiber Single Mode Cable for ICT (LSZH, CPR DCA) (500 meter coil)
    In stock
    €215.92 Tax included
  12. White Singlemode Cable 1 Fiber 900um G657-A2 LSZH Dca Coil 500m from EK
    SKU: EK360016
    In stock
    €279.51 Tax included
  13. 2 Fiber Optic Cable Indoor/Outdoor Class F ZH/PE Coil 500m
    On request
    €299.48 Tax included
  14. 2-fiber single-mode cable (750m spool)
    SKU: TEL231902D
    On request
    €371.62 Tax included
  15. Cable 2 fibers Single mode for outdoor LSFH in 500m coil
    SKU: TEL232002B
    In stock
    €376.35 Tax included
  16. Cable 12 F.O. singlemode with metal armor cut 500m
    SKU: S2D12LTSP(AA)
    On request
    €401.12 Tax included
  17. FK4 Cable Interior Monomodo 4 Fibers CCA LSFH Bobbin 500m of televes
    SKU: TEL231942B
    On request
    €537.42 Tax included

21 Items

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