CCTV Video Recorders

CCTV Recorders

Surveillance camera recorders have several very useful functions:

  • They allow the storage of the videos.
  • Sending images in real time over the internet, to our tablet or mobile phone, to be able to control what happens in situ in a CCTV installation.
  • They allow the sending of event notifications by SMS, email, or other.
  • They have alarm outputs, which can activate sirens or other deterrent devices.

(All these options available depending on the models)

In this section we can find recorders of three different types:

  • Analog recorders: They are recorders for conventional analog cameras.
  • HD-TVI recorders: They are recorders for cameras that use this technology. They are cameras with much better resolution than analog and with the advantage that the same cabling can be used. Normally HD-TVI recorders allow the connection of analog cameras and also IP cameras.
  • IP recorders: for IP cameras that connect to the recorder by network cable with RJ45 connection.

The recorders do not include a hard disk. They are sold separately since you can decide the size of the hard disk you want to install. The higher the capacity, the more hours of video storage.

For more information see the following article: CCTV Recorders


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  1. NVR Recorder 4 Channels IP 8MP 4K Ultra265 Uniarch
    SKU: UVNVR104E2
    On request
    €65.56 Tax included
  2. 4 Channel Hybrid DVR Recorder 2Mpx 5 IP Channels with Hikvision Motion Detection
    SKU: DS-7104HGHI-K1
    In stock
    €67.08 Tax included
  3. Hikvision 4 Channel POE 4Mpx NVR Recorder
    SKU: HWN-2104MH
    In stock
    €69.45 Tax included
  4. 8-channel Hikvision Hybrid 5-in-1 1080p Lite Recorder
    SKU: HWD-5108MH
    In stock
    €69.93 Tax included
  5. Tecatel 5-in-1 Hybrid Full HD 4-Channel CCTV Recorder
    In stock
    €78.44 Tax included
  6. NVR Recorder 4 Channels 12Mpx Det. Dahua movement
    SKU: DAHNVR2104-S3
    On request
    €81.31 Tax included
  7. NVR Recorder 10 Channels IP 8MP 4K Ultra265 Uniarch
    SKU: UVNVR110E2
    In stock
    €82.33 Tax included
  8. NVR recorder 8 IP channels 4MP
    SKU: HWN-2108MH
    In stock
    €85.62 Tax included
  9. Nivian 4 in 1 DVR 1080p 8 Channel Recorder
    SKU: NV-XVR810
    In stock
    €90.70 Tax included
  10. DVR recorder 5 in 1 8 Channels 2Mpx DS-7208HGHI-K1
    SKU: DS-7208HGHI-K1
    On request
    €91.48 Tax included
  11. NVR Recorder 16 Channels IP 8MP 4K Ultra265 Uniarch
    SKU: UVNVR116E2
    In stock
    €93.00 Tax included
  12. 8 Channel IP 8MP 4K NVR Recorder
    SKU: HWN-4108MH
    In stock
    €98.25 Tax included
  13. 4 IP Cameras NVR Recorder 8MP 4K H.265+ Hikvision
    SKU: HWN-4104MH
    On request
    €100.62 Tax included
  14. 5-in-1 4-channel HDTVI/HDCVI/AHD/CVBS/2IP VCR
    SKU: HWD-6104MH-G3A
    In stock
    €101.64 Tax included
  15. Recorder 5 in 1 of 8 Channels 1Mpx
    SKU: XVR4108HS-I
    On request
    €106.72 Tax included
  16. 5 in 1 recorder (HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, Analog and IP) 8CH and 4Mpx
    SKU: HWD-6108MH-G3
    On request
    €108.72 Tax included
  17. 4CH and 4Mpx IP Recorder with 4 POE Ports
    SKU: HWN-2104MH-4P
    On request
    €112.65 Tax included
  18. 5-in-1 recorder (hd-cvi, hd-tvi, ahd, analog and ip) 4CH and 8 Mpx from Hikvision
    SKU: HWD-7104MH-G4
    In stock
    €117.73 Tax included
  19. NVR recorder 4 IP channels 4MP with WiFi
    SKU: HWN-2104MH-W
    On request
    €120.27 Tax included
  20. NVR 16 Channels 8Mpx from Hikvision
    SKU: HWN-4116MH
    On request
    €123.66 Tax included
  21. NVR Recorder 8 Channels IP 8Mpx
    SKU: DS-7608NI-Q1
    On request
    €125.02 Tax included
  22. 4 Channel IP 8MP 4K NVR Recorder with POE
    SKU: HWN-4104MH-4P
    In stock
    €130.10 Tax included
  23. DVR Recorder 8 Channels Hybrid 4 Channels IP 4Mpx Detec. Movement Hikvision
    SKU: HWD-6108MH-G4
    In stock
    €130.44 Tax included
  24. Hybrid 16 channel + IP recorder
    In stock
    €136.85 Tax included
  25. Recorder 8 channels Full HD 1080p 5 in 1 Tecatel
    In stock
    €139.71 Tax included
  26. Hybrid DVR 16 Channels 2Mpx 2 IP Channels 5Mpx Det Hum/Veh by Hikvision
    SKU: HWD-5116MH-G4
    In stock
    €141.01 Tax included
  27. 5-in-1 HDTVI/HDCVI/AHD/CVBS 8MPx Video Recorder
    SKU: SF-XVR8104S-4KL
    In stock
    €144.00 Tax included
  28. Hikvision 8 Channel Hybrid 4Mpx DVR Recorder 4 IP Channels 6Mpx
    SKU: HWD-6108MH-G3A
    In stock
    €150.77 Tax included
  29. NVR Recorder 16 IP Channels 8Mpx from Hikvision
    SKU: DS-7616NI-Q1
    On request
    €150.90 Tax included
  30. 16 Channel IP 8MP 4K NVR Recorder
    SKU: HWN-4216MH
    On request
    €151.61 Tax included
  31. NVR Recorder 8 Channels IP 4Mpx PoE
    SKU: HWN-2108MH-8P
    On request
    €157.07 Tax included
  32. DVR Recorder 8CH Hybrid 4CH IP 6Mpx Det. Motion/Facial Recognition Series 5 by Dahua
    SKU: DAHXVR5108HS-I3
    On request
    €157.54 Tax included
  33. NVR Recorder 8 Channels IP 8Mpx POE Easy from Uniview
    SKU: UV-NVR301-08S3-P8
    On request
    €165.01 Tax included
  34. NVR Recorder for IP Cameras 8 Channels 8Mpx POE
    SKU: HWN-4208MH
    On request
    €166.18 Tax included
  35. Hybrid DVR Recorder 8 Channels 8Mpx 8 IP Channels 8Mpx AI Human and Vehicle Detection Dahua
    SKU: XVR5108HS-4KL-I3
    On request
    €181.26 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 67

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