DTT antenna masts, parabolics or radio.

Masts for holding antennas

If you are thinking of buying a mast for the DTT antenna, radio antenna or parabolic you are in the appropriate section. In our online store we have different lengths of masts with different thicknesses and thicknesses, each suitable for a situation.

If you need a short mast for a single antenna you can purchase a mast of 1 meter or 1.5 meter. In case you need to put more than one antenna on the same mast you will need a longer mast to have enough length to carry this task over. It is recommended to leave a space of at least 1 meter between antenna and antenna. For example: tdt antenna above, a meter, and FM antenna below, plus an extra meter for the wall fasteners, which are usually masts squares or masts claws.

Note that we call the masts by their three measures:

  • Length: (1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2.5 meters, or 3 meters)
  • Diameter: (35 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm)
  • Steel thickness: (1.5 mm or 2 mm)

If you want to join two or more masts you have to look at the diameter of the mast that is the same. Masts of different diameters do not fit together.

Buying a mast is easy. You only have to go to the roof where you are going to place it and see if with a short mast it would be enough for the antenna to see the repeater directly, or if you have any obstacle to pass to measure how much mast height you need to surpass the obstacle. Then you have to buy a longer mast or think of joining two masts.

There are situations where a greater height is needed, for these situations the masts can be short and turrets have to be used. The proper turret can reach the height we want.

Whenever two masts are mounted we recommend the use of winds to hold the top mast and do not cramp the antenna. We have a wind kit that includes everything you need and you can also buy the parts of the winds separately.

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Pluggable Mast 1.5m x Ø 35mm x 1.5mm

Ref.: MASTIL1.5M
€7.72 Tax included

Mast 1 meter x Ø 35 mm x 1mm Thickness Televes

Ref.: TEL242001
€7.95 Tax included

Mast 35 mm 1,5 m

Ref.: TEL2407
€11.23 Tax included

Mast 1.65m diameter Ø 35x1.5 mm

Ref.: ROV61049
€12.12 Tax included

Galvanized Mast 2.5m Plug 2.500x35x1.5 mm.

Ref.: MASTIL2.5M
€25.53 Tax included

Mast 3 m. Carraqueado, Ø 40 mm, 2 mm thick.

Ref.: TEL3072
€25.54 Tax included

Mast 3m long and 40mm in diameter

€28.89 Tax included

Mast 2.5 m. Carraqueado, 35 mm diameter, 1 mm thick.

Ref.: TEL3008
€29.03 Tax included

Mast of 2.5 meters x 40 mm diameter x 2 mm thick Televes

Ref.: TEL3009
€34.84 Tax included

Mast of 3 meters long x 45 mm x 2 mm Televes

Ref.: TEL3010
€43.75 Tax included

9 m telescopic mast in 3 sections

€80.48 Tax included

telescopic mast 12 m in 4 sections

€114.72 Tax included

Items 1 to 12 of 14 total

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