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Proximity Cards, Keyrings and Bracelets

Cards, keyrings and bracelets are used in proximity access control systems, replacing conventional keys. All you have to do is bring the card close to the reader so that you can access the area.

Each of these identifiers carries a unique code that must be registered in the system, either by swiping the card or entering the identifier manually if it is printed. For this, it will be necessary to have a master card or access the programming.

The advantages of this system is the comfort of opening the door with a small gesture and without contact, ideal for people with reduced mobility. Also, cards, key rings and bracelets cannot be copied like regular keys, which adds extra security.

You will mainly find two types of cards / keychains / bracelets, which are: MIFARE (13.56MHz) and EM (125KHz). Before purchasing the identifiers, you must know the technology used by the reader, whether it is MIFARE or EM, and acquire the corresponding one; otherwise the card will not work.

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  1. MIFARE proximity key

    €0.27 Tax included
  2. RFID / EM proximity keychain Color Black

    €0.51 Tax included
  3. RFID proximity Key

    €0.52 Tax included
  4. MIFARE White proximity card

    €0.57 Tax included
  5. RFID/EM Proximity Key Fob Color Green

    €0.63 Tax included
  6. Red RF proximity bracelet

    €1.00 Tax included
  7. RFID Proximity Bracelet EM 125KHz Blue

    €1.09 Tax included
  8. Proximity MIFARE Card White
    SKU: FER5275

    €1.26 Tax included
  9. Adjustable black RF proximity bracelet

    €1.31 Tax included
  10. Key proximity Mifare
    SKU: FER5274

    €1.89 Tax included
  11. Fermax EM Proximity Card without magnetic strip
    SKU: FER23361

    €2.30 Tax included
  12. FERMAX EM proximity key without maintenance or battery
    SKU: FER4515

    €2.42 Tax included
  13. Fermax MIFARE Proximity Card
    SKU: FER52751

    €2.52 Tax included
  14. Mifare Proximity Keyring in Blue
    SKU: FER52741

    €2.67 Tax included
  15. Proximity card with magnetic stripe
    SKU: FER2336

    €3.05 Tax included
  16. Proximity Keyring Pre RFID AXESKEY 13.56 MHz
    SKU: FER5263

    €8.89 Tax included
  17. RFID Reprogrammable Passive Proximity Card
    SKU: FER5262

    €3.15 Tax included

17 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Cards, Keyrings, Bracelets