Automatic Lock Release 450A-S 12Vac Fermax

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Flush-mount Automatic Lock Release 450A-S 12Vac Fermax 3069

Series 450 electric lock release with S-type flush frame (25x160mm) in wooden or metal frames. It is reversible and symmetrical, it allows opening both to the right and to the left, maintaining the symmetry of the body.

Automatic operation and 12V AC activation: it unlocks automatically when the voltage is received and it locks again once the voltage is stopped and the door opens and closes again.

Automatic Recessed Lock Release 12Vac 450 Series

What are the main characteristics of the Fermax 3069 Lock Release?

  • Flush-mount
  • SERIES 450
  • Reversible (DIN Right or DIN Left)
  • Symmetrical
  • TYPE A_AUTOMATIC 12Vac: A - Automatic operation and activation at 12 Vac
  • Type S flush mount
  • Consumption: 12Vac 980mA
  • Dimensions: 160 (V) mmx25 (H) mmx28 (P) mm
More Information
EAN 8424299030692
System AC
SERIE Abrepuertas
Color Gray
Current AC
Functioning Automatic (A)
Multivoltage 10 to 24 Vc/Va No
Product Brand Fermax
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