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Simulators frequency or noise generators

The equipment simulators are often capable of generating a signal across the frequency band for which are designed and insert it into the wiring system. Other suitable for measuring this frequency can be measured to determine the flatness of the system and the loss of it.


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  1. IF and UHF Signal Generator Promax OUTLET

    €305.15 Tax included
  2. Televes FI Simulator (950-2150Mhz) 4008
    SKU: TEL4008

    €337.49 Tax included
  3. Simulator FI TV and Satellite, 3 carriers
    SKU: PRORP050

    €377.52 Tax included
  4. Televes 5-3000 Mhz noise generator FI simulator
    SKU: TEL593001

    €514.19 Tax included
  5. Satellite and Terrestrial FI generator for ITC-2 RP-080 from Promax
    SKU: PRORP080

    €696.05 Tax included
  6. Noise Generator 1-2200 Mhz, level 70 dBuV
    SKU: PRONG283

    €1,002.79 Tax included

6 Items

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IF Simulators