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Keyboard with proximity Resistant Fermax 5293

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Keyboard with Resistant Fermax proximity

Fermax 5293 keyboard for surface mounting with vandal protection that also integrates a proximity reader compatible with EM (125KHz), MIFARE (13.56MHz) and HID (ISOProxII, 125KHz) cards and key chains

As for its appearance, it has dimensions of 55 (H) x 147 (V) x 20 (P) mm, it is made of aluminum and with its hidden fixing screws.

Thanks to this device, you can access your home in the most comfortable way possible by simply passing a card / keychain through the reader. These access controls make it very easy for people with reduced mobility or motor difficulties to enter.

The configuration is very simple, two master cards are included to activate and deactivate users' cards / keychains. Another advantage of this system is its high security, these cards are impossible to duplicate and only access by password or PIN code and cards previously activated by the administrator will be allowed.

1 to 7 days

Fermax 5293 keypad for access control with integrated proximity reader for EM, MIFARE and HID cards / key chains.

What are the main features of the keyboard with proximity reader 5293 from Fermax?

  • Capacity up to 600 users
  • Dispose of:
    • Output relay 2A configurable from 1-99sg (5sg by default) or flip-flop (when presenting the card the relay is activated and when it is presented again, it is deactivated).
    • Door open sensor input.
    • Input push button output.
    • Alarm- output (negative output that allows to activate a relay ref.2013).
  • This keyboard allows up to 4 different types of access:
    • Single card
    • Card + PIN.
    • Card or PIN (default)
    • Multi-card, PIN. Presenting 2 to 9 valid cards or pins will open the door.
  • Appearance
    • 3 mm aluminum
    • Surface fixing system.
    • Hidden screws
    • IP66
    • Surface mount (55 (H) x 147 (V) x 20 (P) mm.

What technical specifications does the keyboard with proximity reader 5293 from Fermax have?

  • Feeding:
    • 12-28 Vac / cc
    • Centralized: 12Vdc.
    • Consumption rest:
    • 12Vdc / 65mA
    • Operating temperature: [-20ºC, + 60ºC]
    • Humidity: [10%, 90%]
    • Compatibility: EM (125KHz), MIFARE (13.56MHz) and HID (ISOProxII, 125KHz) cards / keychains
    • Configurable in Wiegand 26 proximity protocol and 8-bit burst keyboard format.
    • Relay (autonomous) 2A (C, No, Nc)
    • RF radiated power: 125KHz: 4.382dBuA / m, 13.56MHz: 2.02dBuA / m.
  • Autonomous wiring (with integrated controller)
    • (Red): Positive power supply 12 ~ 28VAC / DC
    • (Gray & black): Negative power supply 12 ~ 28Vac / cc
    • C (White & black), NO (Blue), NC (Green & black): Potential free relay. C_common, NO_Normally open, NC_Normally closed.
    • GND (Black), SP (Brown): door sensor
    • GND (Black), BS (Yellow): zaguán exit button
    • Alarm- (Gray), ~ (Red): alarm output <200mA
  • Centralized Wiring
    • (Red): Positive 12Vdc power
    • (Black): Negative power supply 12Vdc
    • DT (D0) (Green), CK (D1) (White): Wiegand26 connection
    • G (LED) (Brown): Led control.
    • Buz (Beep) (Yellow): acoustic signal.
1 to 7 days
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EAN 8424299052939
Color Silver
Identification EM Card/Keychain, MIFARE Card/Keychain, Password
Product Brand Fermax
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