LTE DTT kit maximum gain 58dB + 20 meters of cable

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Antenna kit consisting of 18dB gain antenna, 40dB amplifier, power supply, 20m of white cable and 7 F connectors.

This antenna kit is a composite of an 18dB gain antenna, it is an antenna with very good signal acquisition.

The 40dB satellite rover amplifier has 2 UHF inputs for DTT and FM radio. This amplifier has an LTE filter to avoid interference with the 4G.

The power supply also of the rover satellite brand has 2 outputs.

The connections of all the elements are made with type F connectors, and the 7 necessary ones are included in the kit. We have also included 20 meters of coaxial cable so you can install.

We have not included mast or antenna support. Normally you usually replace the antennas and leave the existing mast, but if it is for a new installation or you want to replace its mast you can buy it separately.

What is included in the TDT Professional Amplifier Kit TDT0044?

  • Rover 81177 satellite mast amplifier with LTE 2 UHF inputs and 40dB gain.
  • Power supply with two rover 86003 satellite outputs, 24 Vc.
  • 18dB antenna gain.
  • 20 meters of cable.
  • 7 type F connectors.
More Information
EAN 8400440000011
System DTT
Type DTT 4G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain High
Dipole Passive
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required Yes, included
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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